3000 Sqft

80×30 vehicle accessible, air conditioned, Dark, high-ceiling creative warehouse space.


36 ft wide – 15 ft high pre lit cyc wall with steel lighting grid.

Dressing/MUA Room

Furnished private room for talent and other flexible uses featuring 2 vanity stations.

Studio Essentials

Essential list of in-house equipment for rent such as lights, stands, and more.

Studio Request Form

Please type time in CST
Please type time in CST


Our studio is a blank canvas for you to use however you like. We just ask that you’re respectful and don’t do anything to our space that would be hard to clean or damage it. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Ambient Sound

The space is not soundproof. We are street level so there can sometimes be outside street noise as well as noise from our neighbors and other businesses. The space is also quite large so there can be a lot of echo.

Electrical System

This is an industrial spaces so there are multiple 20 amp GFCI Protected circuits throughout the studio. The circuit breaker can be accessed


Smoking can be allowed indoors if it’s on camera for a specific shot but otherwise we prefer you smoke outside.


Anything in the space can be moved and used as long as you put everything back the way it was.

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